NaSaDen's Story

We don't Sell Luggage, We Create DreamBox


Choosing the right luggage is so much more than just choosing a suitcase or a bag. It’s planning for your dream trip, it’s choosing a lifetime companion, it’s treating yourself to the high-quality convenience of a DreamBox.



At NaSaDen our luggage solutions are DreamBoxes, designed to get you with comfort and ease from your home to the airport check out counter, having you onboard and enjoying your flight without any worries. We custom build our DreamBox to suit your needs. Every item is thoroughly checked ensuring that every single DreamBox is of the highest quality before it reaches you, our loyal customers.



Your comfort is our priority. Our DreamBox is the perfect life companion for every travel lover and business flyer. Durable, flexible and reliable - NaSaDen puts their heart and soul into every DreamBox.



NaSaDen is true to its German roots - meticulous, well crafted and precise. No matter if you’re taking off for a world trip or a weekend away, we have the DreamBox solution for your needs.



We hire only the highest trained professionals who have a passion for stylish luggage and a drive for the best customer care. That way we know that every single DreamBox is created with love, care, and attention - ready for your next trip.



No more struggles at the airport, no more broken wheels scraping on the floor, no more inconvenience. When you choose NaSaDen, you’re choosing comfort, you are choosing luxury, you are choosing style and convenience.


Treat yourself to a NaSaDen DreamBox today and get planning for your next trip tomorrow.


NaSaDen - We Create Your Perfect DreamBox

Entrepreneurial Concepts

NaSaDen, founded in Germany. It was named after the names of three founders. The stories of the brand are sourced from the real life experience of our three founders. The cornerstone of their beliefs are that luggage is more than just a container for travelling necessities. In other words, its embedded with the sentimental feelings and the stories that was created during the trip.

Brand Concept

NaSaDen, German brand luggage. Our brand concept is “we don’t sell luggage, we only offer you luggage with stories that can make your dream come true.”

NaSaDen, Originated from Germany. The concept of our brand is “ We are not only selling luggage, but also offering you a luggage that’s equipped with stories to can carry out your dream.

Business Scope

Our luggage and other accessories including luggage straps, trolleys and wheels are manufactured and distributed throughout the world.

Introduction To Our Team

Authorized by German NaSaDen original equipment manufacturer, NaSaDen has currently authorized Shanghai Anfan Commerce and Trade Co, Ltd as its exclusive distributor in Asia.

We will evaluate the potential company’s business model, marketing strategy and company policy in order to determine whether or not they qualify for NaSaDen’s business objective.

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