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How To Buy A Suitcase and Carryon- Featuring NaSaDen Luggage

One of the most important aspects of travel is how you are going to transport your things. Now the first thing to consider is how long you will be going away for and what kind of trip you are taking. This will make your choice for a suitcase or carryon much easier. Read on to get a special 40% off discount code from NaSaDen your next luggage purchase.

We prefer to travel with a carryon if we are going away for 5 days or less. Traveling with a carryon will save you time and money. You don’t need to go to the airport early to check in your suitcase or wait after your flight for it to come out. You also don’t need to pay for baggage fees!

Today I am going to be highlighting the NaSaDen Luggage company. When they had reached out to me about working together, I was very excited. I checked out their website and their luggage met all the requirements that I look for when purchasing luggage.

You want a hard case so that your belongings stay safe and don’t break or get harmed. Four wheels are also very important because this will make transporting your bag easier, you can glide your suitcase or carryon rather than drag it. You want something lightweight so that you can use the most weight for your actual belongings. Lastly, for the inside you want something with zippers on one side and a buckle on the other to separate your belongings properly,

The NaSaDen luggage checked off all the boxes! When I received my carryon in the mail I was able to get a closer look at what makes their luggage unique. I found that my carryon came with a protective cover for travel or storage use. The inside had a foam lining between the hard-case and the lining material to provide extra safety. The outside even has a passcode for the zippers to keep your luggage safe from being opened by a stranger!


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