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I love to travel! Do you?

I love to travel! Do you? It’s so fun exploring new places and even visiting cities I’ve been to a million times. Either way, it brings me so much joy, so when I get the chance to fly somewhere, you can expect me on the first plane out of here.

Choosing an outfit for travelling can sometimes be difficult. Whenever I travel, I want to be comfortable, but also stylish. I never want to look like a slob or like I’m wearing pajamas, so I try to mix “low key” pieces like tennis shoes, leggings, or joggers with a more trendy or “fancy” top. Think of it as being “elevated casual”. Also, I always need to wear layers. It seems like the airports are always freezing and the airplanes are always hot so I have to make sure I have the necessary clothes on to keep me happy in every location. I’ve gotten so many questions on some of the travel looks I’ve worn recently so I gathered all of the shopping info and detailed it out for you below. How do you like to dress when you travel?


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