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Best Lightweight Luggage with NaSaDen

Updated: Jun 12, 2019

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I love the hard casing shell on this luggage and the fact that it's a roller is definitely a plus. The size is perfect for me as I love to over pack and the suitcase itself is very lightweight so it's perfect for packing all the essentials and more. I love the color too, I have it in silver and it's the perfect neutral. The design is also amazing since there are zipper compartments to store your items which makes it easy to pack. This is definitely a must buy!

Traveling has never been easier with NaSaDen. They make such lightweight luggage which is perfect to travel. I ordered the 29′ large suitcase and its can fit everything and I mean everything. Even Kevin and I can share this suitcase when we go on trips, (but let’s be real, I’ll probably use all the space I can get.

Now choosing the right luggage can be difficult. It all depends on what you’re looking for. I was in the market for a large, light weight, hard shell suitcase that would be perfect for trips. Since we travel so much and I have so much to pack (as I like to do photo shoots in different cities) this size is perfect for me. I can pack probably half my closet if I tried in this suitcase.

But honestly speaking, what I truly love is how light weight it is. Adding clothes, shoes, makeup bags/cases, purses, etc. can obviously add weight into a luggage and when you only have a 50 pound limit, you want your actual luggage to be as light as feather, just like this one.

Now you won’t just buy a luggage because it’s light weight and the right size. You also look at how sturdy it is. And this guys is built tough. I feel like TSA and the bag handlers can be rough and tough with this bag because it’s so durable. Not only is it big, hard cased, can fit everything, but it’s made to last for ages!

I really love this luggage and would definitely recommend it if you’re looking for a hard shell roller luggage. They offer different sizes from carry-on to large suitcases and everything in between.



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